The core idea of a Coworking community is truly met if the community keeps itself fun and vibrant.It is all about being a part of a community that can provide your business with the right energy that it needs. Coworking communities are such a unique blend of people who can nurture your ideas to grow and bloom.

However one cannot expect that the community culture can truly benefit you and your business by just sitting silently on your seat and waiting for your fellow workers to approach you! You can keep few things in mind in order to keep you and your community bright and vibrant.

1)    Be honest with yourself! Admit if you need help.

Most coworking communities are a bundle of talented, skillful and organized people. When new to the group you might get a bit intimidated by all the excellence around and try really hard to put up a brave face. Instead, be open about your weaknesses and don’t hesitate in asking for help whenever required. The wealth of knowledge your community contains is there for you to take advantage of.

2)    Don’t forget to greet your neighbor

 A day begins with new task lists, new emails to attend to and it might be tempting to immediately get plugged in to work. A community would not grow and build unless members take a minute or two in the morning to say a genuine good morning. Ask your neighbor what he or she will be working on and the challenges you plan to tackle that day. It will not only set a positive tone for the entire day but will also help build a relationship for the future.

3)    Do not seclude yourself from the fun

 There is no doubt about the fact that the primary reason why anybody joins a coworking space is to increase productivity. However this does not mean that you should become oblivious to the activities going around the space. Be involved in the activities happening around, laugh at a joke your fellow worker just cracked and try being a part of the fun. It would not only de-stress you and help you produce better results.

The world of work is changing and thus arises the need for adopting new styles of work environments to suit your business the best. There are types of spaces available in the market today and before you plan to give your dream a pad to launch, you should be sure about what it has to offer. To help navigate your thoughts, we have put down three basic categories in which any space is likely to fall under.

Any space has primary reason for existing and understanding the core differences between each, you can probably make the best decision for you and your team.

Office Rental Facilities

This is primarily a landlord-tenant relationship. Organizations offering Office Rental facilities run on business models where a piece or several pieces of real estate are divided into smaller pieces. Services are added on and then the space is sub leased at a profit. They compete on location, price and services.

This works well for businesses that require the privacy and services of an office without necessarily wanting to lease an office of their own. This model is useful because it makes office space accessible to smaller businesses whose founders are not in a position to take on private spaces of their own.

Startup Incubators

Startup incubators run on a model where their success is defined by the growth of the companies they house. This environment constitutes of people with ambitions to build high growth companies.

Incubators are useful because they take talented new entrepreneurs and provide them guidance, education, resources, and connections to propel them forward as growing businesses. They compete to attract and develop talented and ambitious startup founders.

Coworking Spaces

These are organizations that offer membership to a community of like-minded people in a common shared space. Uniquely, coworking spaces are often organized as a community first before a business entity is formed. They stick close to the core values of community, collaboration, openness, sustainability and accessibility.

These spaces work best for people who do not need private spaces or incubators but want access to a place and community. This could mean individuals or small teams whose work doesn’t require much more than a desk and an Internet connection. Coworking spaces appeal to minds which office rentals or incubators cannot cater to.

Each coworking space distinguishes itself by its own community. Each of these communities has a different culture, so finding the one that fits you the best is vital.

How to choose?

Each space has its own advantages and drawbacks and it is important to know what is most useful to you and your needs. For example if you are looking at an opportunity to bump into a potential investor, an office rental space would be ideal over an incubator or coworking space. On the other hand, if you are looking at becoming a part of a culture, Coworking will surely suit you.

Coworking can be called as a school of thought in which people do what they really care about than just merely being a business entity. It is often a liberating experience to share and communicate ideas with people who are as passionate about what they are doing as you are.